How To Propose A Girl 

If you want anyone, then it is necessary to let him know. But if you are shy or nervous in saying that small sentence, then do not worry. There are many ways that you can "show" a girl with her actions, words and behaviors, until you have the courage to say that you care about her. Some great suggestions have been given here to show a girl that you love her.

#-1 Topic Romantic Gesture

1-Send flowers or gifts to them:

 Though this method may seem a bit worn out and old, but there is nothing better than a bouquet to say "I love you". But you have to make some effort in this too - do not buy any bukas at the market at cheap prices. By making a little effort, with the help of his family or friends, find out which flowers he likes and send those flowers to his house.

To add some more romanticism you can put a romantic note with those flowers. Just a few small things, such as "beautiful flowers, a beautiful girl" or something slightly tall, part of a romantic poem, poetry or song.

If money is low, do not worry. There is no need to buy more expensive flowers. The truth is that a bouquet of red roses, or any fresh flower, may seem more romantic than any beautiful bouquet.

How To Propose A Girl Best Romantic Ways

2-Prepare his favorite food:

 By making time and effort in something that he likes, like him, by making his favorite food, you can tell that girl that you love him. If you are meeting him for a long time, then you should know about his choice. Do not fall in the way of making such a complex dish, which you have never made before. Make some more romantic by decorating the table, burning some candles and putting a sweet music in the background.

If you want, you can tell him about your plan and tell him that he is ready to eat or you can even surprise him at all - only make sure that he comes home from time to time and alone!

If you are not too good cook, do not worry too, because the importance is considered. But if your concern is that your made meal will not be worth eating, then you can practice making that dish and test your family first on it.

If you can not afford to take her to the rustore, and do not even cook, then you plan to cook with her! Research suggests that partners who work together in everyday work, they are more happy and live together for a long time. Read recipe book together and cook something as well.

3-Write a love letter to him: 

Writing a love letter to a girl is a very romantic way of showing him that you love him and he will cherish it forever. This option is even better in that situation if you have difficulty expressing your feelings in words - it is to remove your pen and let your heart talk. You can give Litter individually, or you can send it by mail for further surprise.

If you seem to be having difficulty starting a lotter, get inspired by the writings of Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Emily Dixon or find some famous romantic quotes that you can include in your letter.

You can also send him a great email or text message.

Otherwise, if you want to be more creative, then you can present your feelings in a song or poem. You can sing that song individually or if you are feeling ashamed then you can record and send it. If you play some instruments already, then it is even better!

4-Take him out: 

Make an initiative and plan a romantic evening for both. You can think of movies and dinner, or you can give your personal experience a personalized reminder or take it to the place where you both met for the first time. Only time and effort spent in planning to do something special for two persons will tell itself how much you care about him.

In place of your interests, keep in mind his interests - like, if he likes a dance show, then do not take him to show cricket.

Think of some creatives by keeping his interests and hobbies in mind. If she likes to go out, take her for a hiking or paint ball. If it is sporty then take it to the theme park or rainy roads. If he likes music or drama, then collect any concert or drama tickets.

5-Praise him: 

It is easy to do. If you really love that girl, then you will not have any problem in praising the 101 things you like about them. You can admire its color: whether it is not proud of itself as if its black dense long hair, big eyes or something that she knows about, like her body formation, her smile However, you should not only remain in the color of his appearance, you should also admire the superior characteristics of his personality or the good things he has done.

As such, you can tell him that you love his kindness and you like how he always comes forward to help everyone, or you can praise that which he has done in the past that game Did in the jump program or assignments given for his homework.

Praise should always be done with heart. If you say something to him that is not true, then he will be able to tell immediately that the praise is false and the whole thing will be reversed. Always allow praise to be honest and hearty.

6-Surprise him: 

Surprise, there are great ways for a girl to show that you keep thinking about her and you are ready to do anything to bring a smile on her face. You do not need to buy a big party or buy puppy etc. (Though these ideas are of great work in some special circumstances!) Surprise can also be straightforward as if he was unhappy If you reach the house with his ice cream box and his mind like a DVD, or if he does not have any hope then leave a small note under his purse or pillow.

Some girls do not like to be surprised, so if you are not very sure about the plan to be created, then secretly detect their feelings or before doing some delusion, give it a subtle signal.

This step will be successful only if your surprise is good - take a tattoo on his arm and put it in front of him or inform him that you are always going to the second place, there is no good thing. . This type of surprise, generally, is not liked.

7-Tell her how much you love her: 

If you really love this girl, then the easiest, straightforward way to show her is to tell her. There is no need to make many things about it, or "I love you" banner hanging on the plane, you should always repeat these words whenever you both get solitary, seriously and honestly.

If you are hesitant to say the exact same word, "I love you," then try to say something like that, such as, "I think I like to spend time with you" or some other romantic thing like , "You've stole my heart". He will understand.

If you are saying this for the first time, if he does not repeat this thing immediately, do not be disappointed. It is possible that he took some time to understand the information. Remember that "I love you" is no question whose answer is sought.

On the other hand, it may be possible to reach the seventh heaven that by hearing the words that were waiting for the last time, you got the courage to tell them, and with the help of these words to say goodbye to you Do not let it go. But unless you do, you will not know by then!

#2-Topic By Your Behaviour

1-Be compassionate:

 Wherever you are and whomever you are with, always be kind and show the girl that you love her. If you are in solitude then treat him as the most kind person in the world, but like a poor person among people, then it is useless to be kind to you. You have to be 100 percent decent person at all times.

Being sympathetic with the girl means that you listen to her, say no to her, respect her opinion (even if you disagree), admire her, never let her see her down in the relationship and for her Do good things.

This philosophy is that "women are punished for harassment" is very low level, girls like people who behave well with them, especially when the question is to be formed.

2-Be Honest: 

When the question is of love, honesty is very important. If you are not honest, then the girl will not believe you and this is not a good thing for your relationship. You should always speak the truth, even if it is about where you were last night or about that your beloved mug has broken. It is possible that at that time he may get angry with you, but he will eventually appreciate your honesty.

You should be honest with him in relation to your feelings. If you are falling in love with her, but do not say anything now, then raise your courage and say it. When it comes to emotions, then speaking the truth is always the best policy.

Whatever problems or difficulties come with them, do not mix them together. In this way he will know that you are believing him. Both of you will come closer and your relationship will be stronger.

3-Be thoughtful: 

A little thoughtful word and action is very good for a girl to show that you love her. Being thoughtful, the girl realizes that you care about her thoughts and feelings. Maybe you are thinking ideologically, otherwise to show that you care for it, you will have to try differently. You can do this by discovering his liking, by restraining his selfish earthquakes and prioritizing his needs.

Here are some methods you can be more considerate: Find out how she likes her coffee (sugar, milk etc) and bring a cup for her after morning or meal; Even if you are not interested, let him choose which movie will be seen; Remember any book that he or she wants to read or CD that she wants to hear, and then buy that book or CD for it. You should remember important events and dates such as his birthday or his first date, and give him a cupcake or an attractive card to mark those occasions.

Being thoughtful also means that you keep in mind that your actions will have an impact on it. As if you are going to go out somewhere in the night with friends and can not contact him, then you should tell him that you will call him in the morning. In this way, he will not be worried about where you left. Or if you have many female friends, you do not want to tease or touch them in the presence of them, because this will make them feel insecure.

4-Be affectionate: 

Being affectionate gives the girl a clear indication that you love her. Holding hands, hugging and kissing, by calling the names of love like "sweethearted" "Dilbar" or by calling on someone who is only between you, is part of being affectionate. You do not have to save this snobbish behavior only for the time being, when both of you are in solitude, you can also be sniffing with your hands on the shoulders or around the waist in public or even between friends. Show the world that you are proud to be with this girl and by this she will know that you love her.

Sometimes you should take the initiative to get in touch. Take the hand while walking on the road or be amazed by filling it in the embrace.

Just do not do things that make them uncomfortable. Perhaps in the presence of your family and friends, she did not like to engage herself with you, because it might seem awkward for her. Take care of her feelings and make sure that you know where the boundaries are.

5-Become lofty: 

Treat yourself with a girl (or any woman) with goodness, prove that the loftiness is still alive. Try to open the door for him, order him to order the first meal in the rustore, propose to give him his jacket on the cold and when he leaves home, make sure he gets well within the house. Generally, without performing any kind of grace, you should try to feel safe and respected. Let him know that you are always with him and you will not be left behind when you need it.

Know that being a decent person does not mean that you will do everything for him at all times, or believe that he can not keep his own attention, because he may feel humiliated. Tell her that you like being independent of her but you want to "do something" from time to time.

Being noble does not mean that it is always considered to be a girl trapped in danger, as it is worth respecting him.

6-Give support: 

Support the girl whom you love as much as possible. This means that you have to motivate him to achieve your goals and make dreams come true and do not blame them by saying foolish or unrealistic. Whenever you can, you should help him or be present where he needs you. You can appreciate it as much as you can.

You can support him in many ways, even if he is a small role in the play, watching it or listening to the practice of presenting the school or office, or when he needs it, by giving your grief to him. .

7-Be present to him: 

By being present at his need, you can show a girl that you love him. He has a quarrel with his cousin, he has not got the desired result in the examination or he is unhappy with the passing of a near relative, your job is to stay there and let him know that whatever he is, you love him We do. It is okay to live together in good times, but the real test of love happens only when you can live together in misery. When you really need it, then stay there for him and then he will have no doubt about your feelings.

You can give someone with many ways in many ways. You can support them for crying, reminding them of their greatness, or encouraging them, or giving them some excuses with their heart. Understand the situation to find out what is most needed of it.

And by keeping a girl at the time of her "need" you can also show that you love her. When you are in difficulty, do not put it apart or in the dark, keep it together and share your feelings. He will know that you believe in him and depend on him, and both of you realize that you are more fortunate at the same time.


Every girl is different, so set your actions according to personality specific. If you really love him, then you should know what he likes and what he likes. Know him, his interests, so that you can recognize him and adapt his affections accordingly. All girls do not like flowers and movies, so pay attention to the fans whom they like and those who are part of it.


Whatever you do, do not hesitate to show this to the girl that you love her. If he does not know or does not understand how much you care about him, then you probably will lose him forever. Do not fear, take courage, take risks, and whatever you are, take yourself there. You just do not want to lose the girl because you were afraid to tell her feelings.

If you really love the girl, then be committed to her. Ask her how she will be comfortable and be loyal. If you give him some reason to worry, or if you have something to hide from him then he can remove it from you and will do it.
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