Firstly we talked about aviation, aviation is a field where many people work around a aircraft for safe operation of aircraft travel.
It's included like Air Traffic Control, Ground staff,pilots ,cabin crews, aircraft engineer etc..

Aviation :- works arounds a aircraft called a aviation or aviation fields .
When anybody works around a aircraft ,this fields is aviation.

An aircdaft maintenance engineer  is a very responsible person to sign a aircraft for safe flight, when aircraft is under maintenance  LAME sign the aircraft after completing the all maintenance  correctly ,this certificate is called Certificate for release to service.

As you know aircraft is not move on ground it's fly in the sky so before flight all aircraft have to be checked for endure safety for flight,this check is called preflight inspection.


Types of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer 

There are many types of maintenance engineer who sign different- different aircraft.
All engineer have not Certificate or privileges to sign a aircraft ,some expert  with good experience engineer who Have to cleared there all Basic paper & sit in the type training practical & theoretical exam ,after passing dgca issue a Licence for those engineer.

Here are types of license 

A1.1 small turbine engine aeroplane 
A1.2 small piston engine aeroplane 
A1.3 small turbine engineer helicopter 
A1.4 small piston engineer helicopter 

B1.1 large turbine engine aeroplane 
B1.2 large piston engine aeroplane 
B1.3 large turbine engineer helicopter 
B1.4 large piston engineer helicopter

B2 Avionics (means engineer  who working on Electrical, navigation, Avionics, instruments, autopilot systems etc.)

B3 non pressurized piston engine aircraft 

DGCA - Directorate General Of Civil Aviation

Latest The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the statutory body formed under the Aircraft (Amendment) Bill, 2020. This directorate investigates aviation accidents and incidents. It's headquarter situated in NEW DELHI , opposte. safdurjung airport.

Evolution of Aircraft Maintenence Engineer 

Early period we need not ame engineer,because any Aircraft have not many difficult or you can say more variations
Of  instruments, navigation, electric system and nor construction etc.
But according to pases of time , there are more and better instruments ,electrical system, flight controls , wing construction ,fuel tank , autopilot etc . comes in aircraft for better to better safe fly.

Then it was not very easy to maintain ,repair for any engineer.
So we need a specialist on the aircraft.
So aircraft maintenance engineer training course comes in this field.
Really ,it's amazing works and better 💰 earnings . But you have patience and continues smart and hard work .
And keep patience.

Aircraft Maintenance Training Course

I clear you ,it's not degree or diploma course. It is a training on the aircraft. its 2 years duration course, if any college give you BSc in AME or diploma in AME then you have to do 3 years .

In the training organization you will complete your BASIC AME TRAINING SEMESTER and also will clear your 10 or 11 modular Examination  according to your Licence category. 
After completing this Basic training your institution issue a Certificate of recognition it's proof for yourself 

Aircraft Maintenance Training Course Fee

Its very high fee study , financially weak people very tough to afford it. I tell you average fee , it is 5 to 7 lacs of money in India 🇮🇳. 

You know it's a training so you have to cleared your module papers for license.
Now I stop ,In next post I will tell you all about module, license and all facts about aviation.

If you have any doubt you can comments.

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